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COHERENT 4.2.10-MAY-2016.ova: Virtualbox VM with COHERENT 4.2.10,
			DDK 4.2.10, X11.
			MWC sources for kernel, development tools, system
			libraries etc. under /u1/src,
			GNU compilers 2.5.6 under /u1/gnu-old,
			complete GNU bits under /u1/gnu,
			Users have no passwort set.
COHERENT 4.2.10-disk1-MAY-2016.vmdk.gz
			Just the disk image from above VM for usage with
			other virtualizations.

COHERENT 4.2.10-NOV-2017.ova:		As above with more of the company
COHERENT 4.2.10-disk1-NOV-2017.vmdk.gz	sources under /u1/src and kernel
					with AT driver debugging.