UNIX Programming for Fun

About this site:

After more than 3 decades of UNIX programming here are some of my projects that can be be shared. Most stuff is under BSD/GNU license nowadays to prevent any legal hassles just for playing with some computer bits.

This site is about programming in the UNIX environment, so almost everything you can find here is SOURCE code. Please do not ask me to build binary packages for your preferred platform, I would like to spend my spare time with other things than that. If you do have problems to build the software from sources provided here, feel free to drop me a line and I will try to help.

For using UNIX software on some sort of Windows system do not ask me, but read here:


Udo Munk
The real fun is building it, and then using it....

The projects:

COHERENT COHERENT is a UNIX lookalike operating system for 286/386/486 systems from now defunct Mark Williams Company. In 2015 the MWC sources were posted under a open source license, so everyone is free to use the system.
z80pack This package includes a Z80/8080 CPU simulator, a CP/M emulator running CP/M 1, CP/M 2, CP/M 3, MP/M 2, the UCSD p-System and a Z80 cross assembler and emulations of some of the relevant vintage systems based on these CPU's.