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screen.tgz	- Programs from Steve Ness written for vgalib from here:
		  Modified to use vgalib2016 integrated into the system.

z80pack-1.6.tgz	- The first public release of my z80pack from 1992,
		  distributed via the MWC BBS.
		  This version is adapted for COHERENT 4.2 and re-licensed
		  under a more liberate license. A bootable CP/M 2.2
		  floppy disk is included. Please note that the sources
		  still are commented in german mostly and there are no
		  instructions. For running CP/M unpack in your home
		  directory, cd to z80pack-1.6/cpmsim and run cpmsim.

z80pack-1.7.tgz	- This is the version that made it onto the Walnut Creek
		  CP/M CD-ROM in 1994. I've re-licensed it under a more
		  liberate license. Also the CP/M 2.2 floppy disk is
		  bootable, in 1994 it was not permitted to re-distribute
		  DRI OS's.

z80as.tgz	- MWC's Z80 assembler from 1983 written on PDP-11 COHERENT.
		  The original source is K&R C and checked into RCS as
		  revision 1.
		  Then I have modified the sources to ANSI C for modern
		  systems, this is RCS revision 2.

tracker4.tgz	- Audio tool for playing Amiga .mod files, requires
		  Soundblaster 16 driver