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cromemco_1024_dc.jpg		From Davide Capone made as alternative for
				the IMSAI system. On the Cromemco fp the
				LED STACK was changed to 4MHz. The Z80 doesn't
				provide the bus signal for stack access and
				the LED is used to show the CPU speed instead.

cromemco_1024_um.jpg		By Udo Munk derived from above, STACK -> 4MHz.

imsai_cromemco_1600_ke.psd	By Jason Kersten (
				Layered Photoshop file with all elements as
				font or vector shape, that can be moved, resized
				and tweaked without quality loss. Besides
				Photoshop the fonts Optima, Helvetica Bold
				and Garamond Premier Pro are needed. These are
				copyrighted fonts and cannot be provided
cromemco_1024_ke.jpg		Export with size 1024 from above by
				Jason Kersten.
cromemco_1600_ke.jpg		Export with size 1600 from above by
				Jason Kersten. "Hi definition" image for
				usage with better graphics equipment.