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To apply the patches change to the directory under wich you unpacked
the z80pack software, usually your home directory.
Then use the command patch -p0 <patch_file.diff to apply a patch.
Patches should be applied in order to avoid problems, patchlevel
protection is not used.

Release	Patch	Description
1.8	1	Minor cosmetic bugfix in usage()
1.13	1	Adds Intel hex loader to z80sim, included in later releases
1.14	1	Fixes uninitialized pointer in z80sim hex loader
1.14	2	Improves the clock circuit for usage with QP/M
1.17	1	Corrects front panel LED status while RESET in upper position
1.17	2	Missing front panel and 8080 bus control in one instruction
1.17	3	Fixes H flag in CPDR/CPIR instructions
1.24	1	Prevents FIF DMA overrun
1.24	2	Prevents FDC DMA overrun and usage of non allocated memory
		bank in cpmsim, as reported by Alan Cox
1.25	1	Typo in instruction SRA (IX+d)

All versions of frontpanel including 1.24 have a bug where memory
gets overwritten. In file lpanel.h increase the array char cursor_txt[30]
to 50. Problem will be fixed with z80pack 1.25.

File sim1a.c is an 8080 implementation that passes all regression test.
The file can be used as a replacement for z80pack-1.29, do not use for
any other release.

The MP/M 2 XIOS is broken in release 1.8 and release 1.9, banking
doesn't work correct. Replace with bios-source/bnkxios.mac and rebuild
the system. Not needed for later releases.

The DRI macro assembler RMAC included on all MP/M disks up to release
1.14 has problems under MP/M to properly write a symbol table file.
Replace with, this version comes from MP/M distribution disks
and does work under MP/M. The included binary came from CP/M 3 distribution
disks, has the same release number, but is different. Looks like there
are several different RMAC 1.1 versions, probably patched with DDT.

Same with DRI macro assembler MAC included on various disk images.
It is version 2.0 but not working under MP/M, same problem as with
RMAC. There was a patched that worked too under MP/M, this
is file, also a version 2.0 one. This version was build from
Werner Cirsovius's disassembly available at:

Under MP/M debuggers using RST 7 can't be used because the tick interrupt
uses IM 1. So zsid6.txt describes how to patch ZSID for using RST 6 and is an already patched binary to use with MP/M.

cygwin-build.tgz includes Makefile.cygwin for all machines to build
on Windows systems with cygwin/cygwinX. Can be used to build release 1.27
on Windows systems, later releases will include it.