Latest news about z80pack:

Released z80pack-1.36, please read release notes in comp.os.cpm

Released z80pack-1.35, for details please read posting in comp.os.cpm

Released z80pack-1.34, which comes with the Processor Technology VDM-1 video board for the MITS Altair system. Also uploaded a bunch of software and documentation for the VDM-1.

07-FEB-2017 :
Released z80pack-1.33 and updated disk images. For details see posting in comp.os.cpm.

13-JAN-2017 :
Released z80pack-1.32 with improvements and IMSAI VIO support. For details see posting in comp.os.cpm.

28-DEC-2016 :
Uploaded z80pack-1.31 with much improved memory management, faster MMU's for software using banked memory. Also see posting in comp.os.cpm.

15-DEC-2016 :
Uploaded z80pack-1.30, machine cycle correct machines. Details see posting in comp.os.cpm.

23-NOV-2016 :
Uploaded patch for z80pack-1.29 with 8080 implementation that passes all regression tests.

20-NOV-2016 :
Released z80pack-1.29, for details see comp.os.cpm.
10-NOV-2016 :
Uploaded much improved Microchess, that can be build standalone or for CP/M, with and without Dazzler graphics and some more features. Also see discussions in comp.os.cpm.

17-OCT-2016 :
Improved 8080 Microchess so that it can be build for CP/M.
Also uploaded disk image with all CP/M Chess programs I have.

16-OCT-2016 :
Uploaded 8080 Microchess for the Cromemco system.

12-OCT-2016 :
Uploaded current disks for the Cromemco system, disk image dazzler_stuff.tgz includes the Dazzler Chess program, runs under CDOS and CP/M.

08-OCT-2016 :
Uploaded current OS disks for the IMSAI.

06-OCT-2016 :
Uploaded current CP/M disks for the Altair. OS's are resized to 62KB to allow a ROM in upper memory. Also printer ports are moved to 2/3 to make it compatible with MITS BASIC, done for z80pack 1.29.

09-SEP-2016 :
Uploaded IMSAI boot loader for Tarbell cassette tapes.

07-SEP-2016 :
Uploaded Altair Extended ROM BASIC 4.1 that also works on the Z80.

25-AUG-2016 :
Uploaded Li-Chen Wang's 8080 TinyBASIC for the Altair Versions 1.0 and 2.0.
Uploaded patched Altair BASIC 1.0, that has a jump to the cold start entry now at address 0.
Uploaded new Tarbell boot ROM for the Altair, with the loader copied down to RAM, so that it also works when running from a PROM.

22-AUG-2016 :
Uploaded Li-Chen Wang's 8080 TinyBASIC for the Altair.
Also uploaded MITS Multi-Boot Loader.

14-JUL-2016 :
Uploaded Altair BASIC 1.0 which was donated by Bill Gates to the Computer History Museum. Uploaded a bit documentation how to load it, also see comp.os.cpm.

11-JUL-2016 :
More updated Altair BASIC interpreters.

07-JUL-2016 :
Updated Altair BASIC interpreters.

18-MAY-2016 :
Fixed the CP/M version of the DAzzLER kaleidoscope program, so that it uses BDOS calls. Uploaded to ftp Cromemco section, dazzler_stuff.tgz.

10-MAY-2016 :
Created YouTube video that shows how to build and use the z80pack machines under Windows with Cygwin/CygwinX.

05-MAY-2016 :
Uploaded the Cromemco Dazzlemation software recreated by Bill Sudbrink.
Created YouTube video showing the software running on the emulated Cromemco Z-1.

Uploaded z80pack release 1.28. Please read the release note posted in comp.os.cpm, there are lots of changes not documented on the web site yet.

13-MAR-2016 :
Uploaded tar archive with Makefiles to build all machines on Windows systems with cygwin/cygwinX. Can be used with release 1.27, later releases will include it.

10-MAR-2016 :
IMDOS 2.05 r1 disk from Peters's archive had boot tracks that won't allow to genesys the OS. Fixed and uploaded working disk image.

03-MAR-2016 :
In xybasic RST 7 vector was not initialised, fixed and uploaded new disk image.

02-FEB-2016 :
Uploaded newer Cromemco Z-1 monitor.
Uploaded fixed PL/M-80 v4 compiler, that writes symbol table for debuggers into the hex file, was commented out.

27-JAN-2016 :
Uploaded more software for the front panel machines.
Build new FUZIX disks from current git repository and uploaded them too.

19-JAN-2016 :
Released z80pack 1.27 with Cromemco Dazzler included in the Altair, IMSAI and Cromemco machines.

08-MAY-2015 :
Uploaded more of the DAZZLER standalone software.

06-MAY-2015 :
Uploaded Li-chen Wang's DAZZLER Kaleidoscope program.
Also uploaded DAZZLER writer, program sets video mode from front panel sense switches.

29-APR-2015 :
Typed in Life game for the DAZZLER and uploaded the Cromemco Z-1 version.
Implemented the DAZZLER in the Altair 8800 machine and created demo video running Life.

27-APR-2015 :
New version of Cromemco Z-1 emulation that fixes some problems with the DAZZLER.
Also uploaded DAZZLER manuals, so that one doesn't have to search for them elsewhere.

25-APR-2015 :
Created YouTube channel for z80pack demos.
Uploaded BETA test Cromemco Z-1 including emulation of the DAZZLER video board.
Uploaded disk images with DAZZLER software.

19-APR-2015 :
Uploaded z80pack release 1.26.
Uploaded updated OS disks for the Cromemco machine. Also uploaded my Cromix workdisk with C compiler already installed, ecetera.
Uploaded more Cromemco manuals to have a more complete library online.

16-APR-2015 :
Uploaded patched ZSID that uses RST 6 for using under MP/M.
Uploaded updated MP/M source disks, that include a new BIOS that allows to use RDT with the configured RST.

13-APR-2015 :
Moved all patches to new sub-directory patches so that the ftp top directory is less cluttered.
Uploaded updated WordMaster disk with ANSI terminal patch that works with any terminal size under CP/M Plus.
Uploaded updated CP/M Plus for the Intel 8080, that includes the ANSI WM patch and RSX for resizing terminals from Alexandre Montaron.

31-MAR-2015 :
Uploaded new and current FUZIX build disks.

06-MAR-2015 :
Uploaded Fortran IV sources for Colossal Cave Adventure with build scripts for Microsoft Fortran-80 and Cromemco Fortran IV.
Uploaded disk image with Cromemco CDOS 00.20, the oldest version available.

21-FEB-2015 :
A bug was discovered in release 1.25, a patch for this is uploaded to the ftp server.

20-FEB-2015 :
Uploaded z80pack release 1.25 including the Cromemco Z-1 emulation.
Uploaded manuals and disk images for the Z-1.

08-FEB-2015 :
Uploaded updated GSX-80 disks that include version 1.5 of the ddxtek driver.

22-JAN-2015 :
Uploaded new tools disk for the Cromemco Z-1 machine, that includes source and binary of FLEXER. This is a test tool for 4FDC and 16FDC, very helpful to improve the FDC emulation.

16-JAN-2015 :
Uploaded manual and source for IMSAI FIB/FIF disk controller firmware.

13-JAN-2015 :
On the Altair CP/M 1.3 disk image was truncated to 0 records for some reason, repaired the image and uploaded to ftp server.
Uploaded disk images with a current FUZIX build, so you can try it out first without building it self.
Uploaded release 1.5 of the Cromemco Z-1 emulation, things done see thread in comp.os.cpm.

11-JAN-2015 :
Added memory test programs to Cromemco tools disk. Not that memory tests for an emulation are usefull, but this one also will help to test an implementation of banked memory.
Added disk image with LISP interpreter to Cromemco repository.

09-JAN-2015 :
Uploaded new und updated disk images for the Cromemco Z-1 machine.
Uploaded CP/M 3 8080 clean version with check vectors active for all harddisks.

02-JAN-2015 :
Build more and better CDOS 8" boot disks.
Build 8" disk with Cromemco's Z80 assembler.
Build 8" disk with Cromemco's Z80 FORTRAN-IV compiler and RATFOR compiler.
Added the CDOS emulation for CP/M to the CP/M disk image. This allows to run some CDOS programs under CP/M. Tested with asmb Z80 assembler, works.

01-JAN-2015 :
Uploaded new Cromemco Z-1 emulation with fixed 16FDC, the machine does run CP/M and CDOS now. Also uploaded a CDOS Instruction Manual.
Uploaded screenshot showing CDOS on the emulated machine.

And another fixed emulation, so that the boot options from the frontpanel switches work with RDOS 2 & 3. Added a README file too with the switch settings. More details see comp.os.cpm.
Build disk image with Cromemcos's Z80 FORTRAN-IV compiler and tried the old chess program, works. Uploaded disk image.

28-DEC-2014 :
Uploaded manuals for IMSAI IMDOS 2.05.
Uploaded new Cromemco Z-1 snapshot with 16FDC emulation.

24-DEC-2014 :
Forgot to mention that the Cromemco Z-1 shapshot from 20/12/2014 is able to boot CP/M 2.2, catching up now.
Uploaded more Cromemco firmware/manuals and added a readme to the ftp repository.
Uploaded manual for the IMSAI DIO floppy disk controller, something to work on somewhere down the line.
General work on the web site all over the place, stuff I usually have no time to spare for.

21-DEC-2014 :
Cromemco software uses the instructions OUTI and OUTD a lot and both instructions are buggy. In module ~/z80pack-1.24/z80sim/sim4.c lines 782 and 838 are:

io_out(C, *(ram + (H << 8) * L));

This needs to be changed to:

io_out(C, *(ram + (H << 8) + L));

15-DEC-2014 :
Uploaded Cromemco Z-1 emulation snapshot as well as the relevant manuals and proofread/tested firmware.

13-DEC-2014 :
Updated the ftp directory for the IMSAI 8080 machine with the latest bits.
Created ftp directory for Cromemco and uploaded the completed bits.

24-NOV-2014 :
Uploaded screenshot for GSX-80 application DR Draw.
Added documentation link for DR Draw.
Uploaded disk image with DR Draw and updated GSX-80 1.0 disk image with ddxtek driver release 1.4.

18-NOV-2014 :
Added screenshot of a DR Graph chart to the GSX-80 section.
Uploaded updated GSX-80 1.0 disk image with ddxtek driver version 1.3, needed for DR Graph.
Uploaded disk image with DR Graph.

15-NOV-2014 :
Uploaded archive with disk image and PDF game manual of the role playing game Nemesis and Dungeon Master. Game is configured for ANSI terminals.
Uploaded updated disk image with the Microsoft BASIC interpreters including Super Startrek program adapted for ANSI terminals.

12-NOV-2014 :
Modified the Lissajous figure program so that it can be compiled too with BASCOM. Updated gsxbasic disk image uploaded.

11-NOV-2014 :
The disk image with Microsoft bascom BASIC compiler has been replaced, the version on the old disk didn't work.

08-NOV-2014 :
Added some screenshots showing Microsoft BASIC programs drawing graphics with GSX-80.
Uploaded updated disk images with GSX-80 1.0 and 1.1 as well as the GSX example programs. Added disk with GSX-80 enabled Microsoft mbasic and some demo BASIC programs. Work done explained in the GSX thread in comp.os.cpm

01-NOV-2014 :
Uploaded updated disk images with CB80, GSX-80 1.0 and 1.1 as well as the GSX example programs. Work done explained in the GSX thread in comp.os.cpm

26-OCT-2014 :
Typed in a GSX graphics library and a GSX demo program for Turbo Pascal from an ancient german computer magazine. Uploaded the new disk image with the GSX example programs.

25-OCT-2014 :
Renamed the GSX-80 disk to gsx80-1.0 because it is version 1.0 and we also have version 1.1, uploaded that too.
Added links to DRI manuals for the CB80 language and the graphics programming at bitsavers to the web site.
Uploaded new CB80 disk image where the circom.bas file is fixed.
Uploaded updated GSX example programs disk with the circle drawing program.
Added frontpanel problem with fix reported in comp.os.cpm to patches.txt. This problem is included in all version up to 1.24 and will be fixed in 1.25.

19-OCT-2014 :
Replaced the GSX-80 screenshots with better ones and added one showing the machinery under Windows 7 build with Cygwin.
Uploaded disk image with a few GSX-80 example programs.

18-OCT-2014 :
Uplodaded boot/monitor ROM's and manual for the IMSAI PCS80-30 system. This is a later IMSAI system than we emulate here, but has interesting documentation for MPU-B, VIO and the ROM monitor.

28-SEP-2014 :
Added some new screenshots to the Altair and IMSAI section, showing the latest additions to the emulations.

26-SEP-2014 :
Uploaded disk images with CP/NET 1.0 to ftp server, as well as updated images for CP/NET 1.1 and CP/NET 1.2.

20-SEP-2014 :
Uploaded disk images with IMSAI CP/M 1.31 to the ftp server.
Uploaded PDF manual sets for CP/M and MP/M to the ftp server.
Uploaded two patches for z80pack release 1.24 that fixes problems reported by Alan Cox.

06-SEP-2014 :
Uploaded z80pack release 1.24 to ftp server.

24-AUG-2014 :
Proof read the IMSAI BIOS and boot source and fixed a few typos in comments, no typos in code fields found. Uploaded the corrected files to the ftp server.

23-AUG-2014 :
Uploaded new IMSAI CP/M 1.3 with my own current boot and BIOS source to the ftp server. The sources are improved with things learned from the original IMSAI sources and manuals. This version is known to work also with z80altair emulation and most likely works with real IMSAI hardware too. Also it was renamed to um-cpm13, because sometime there will be an imsai-cpm13 based on the original IMSAI sources.

Uploaded PL/M cross compiler 4.0 to ftp server.

13-AUG-2014 :
Uploaded error corrected Altair BASIC source and hex to ftp server.

12-AUG-2014 :
Uploaded IMSAI CP/M manuals and sources for BIOS and boot to ftp server.

09-JUL-2014 :
Uploaded a restorated 8K BASIC for the Altair, for details see posting in comp.os.cpm.

01-JUL-2014 :
Found one bug in the IMSAI CP/M 1.3 BIOS, the FDC status byte needs to be set to zero, before starting a data transfer command.
Then in case of an error the error code is displayed now on the programmed output LEDs, similar as done in IMDOS. Should be helpful to locate I/O problems with the FIF FDC.

30-JUN-2014 :
Uploaded IMSAI CP/M 1.3 restoration to ftp server, for details also see posting in comp.os.cpm.

23-JUN-2014 :
Patched some Infocom adventures for ANSI terminal and uploaded a disk image with the games to ftp server.
Improved the Tektronix GSX-80 driver some more, character height is working now. Removed useless color related code, the xterm Tek 2014 can't draw in black and white. If a line is drawn then it is plotted on the screen and that's it.

21-JUN-2014 :
Fixed some bugs in the GSX-80 Tektronix driver and made the markers a bit smaller. New GSX-80 disk image uploaded to ftp server.

19-JUN-2014 :
Made droping nulls after CR/LF configurable via conf/iodev.conf for the SIOs of the front panel machines. For the Altair it is off by default, so that it won't clip XY coordinates send to a Tektronix terminal.

18-JUN-2014 :
Uploaded disk images with DRI CB80 and GSX-80 to ftp server.

08-JUN-2014 :
Uploaded the recreated XYBASIC manual PDF.
Also uploaded IMSAI disk images with Microsoft Fortran-80 versions 3.05 and 3.1, see comp.os.cpm discussions.

07-JUN-2014 :
Build standalone version of XYBASIC for the IMSAI machine. Updated harddisk with sources, build scripts and executables as well as the machine loadable hex file uploaded to ftp server.

06-JUN-2014 :
If you run Gary Kildall's timekeeper PL/M program on the frontpanel machines and switch them off, the front panel closes immediately, instead of doing a visibly nice shutdown. This is because I forgot to disable the timer interrupt when powered off, fixed in current sources.
Also if you run timekeeper you should see the 10ms interrupt activity on the front panel LED's. This was not implemented in releases so far, the timing is difficult to implement for a realistic looking display. I fiddled many hours with that, until the result looked reasonable to me, will be included with the next release.

05-JUN-2014 :
The CP/M 3 BIOS inludes one single LDIR Z80 instruction, replaced it with the appropriate 8080 instructions. Also the loader BIOS source includes LDIR in the move routine, but this is not used, so I left it as is.
The CP/M command line history RSX uses Z80 instructions, removed and deleted from profile.sub. Uploaded the 8080 clean CP/M 3 version to the ftp server, file name is cpm3-8080.tgz. More 8080 software to test the implementation of the 8080 emulation.

04-JUN-2014 :
Uploaded z80pack release 1.23 tarball and Windows binary to ftp server. This version includes an Intel 8080 emulation, that can run Altair BASIC on the Altair 8800 machine. Need to update website about the new features.

29-MAY-2014 :
Uploaded z80pack release 1.22 tarball to ftp server.
Uploaded disk image with Palo Alto Tinybasic and Tiny Startrek to ftp server.
Uploaded updated Microsoft mbasic disk image with Super-Startrek to ftp server.
Uploaded z80pack release 1.22 Windows binary package to ftp server.

26-MAY-2014 :
Uploaded new haddisk image with XYBASIC, which includes sources and build scripts for a standalone version, that works on an Altair 8800. This BASIC works ok with 8080 and Z80 CPUs.
Also uploaded hex file with Altair XYBASIC that can be loaded into the machines.
There still was a bug in the hex loader function, showing a wrong load end address for XYBASIC with the Altair device driver overlay. This is fixed with the next realease.

19-MAY-2014 :
Uploaded a harddisk image with XYBASIC sources, executables and build scripts to the ftp server.

17-MAY-2014 :
Fixed a race condition with maskable interrupts, where the emulation did not handle INTs exactely as a Z80 or 8080 does. Problem was pointed out by Alan Cox, thanks.
Worked on Mark Williams XYBASIC and build a harddisk with sources, submit scripts to rebuild it under CP/M. For some very interesting reading see here:


10-MAY-2014 :
Uploaded new MP/M CP/NET 1.2 server disks with the latest bits, the version on the ftp server was a bit outdated.

04-MAY-2014 :
Uploaded disk image with ZDE 1.6 editor, seems to be popular.
Networking code has been much improved, needs more testing on lots of OS's before the next release.

26-APR-2014 :
Uploaded disk image with Microsoft Basic compiler 5.3

21-APR-2014 :
Uploaded disk image with WordStar 3.3 editor configured for VT-100 terminal to ftp server.
Also uploaded disk image with Microsoft Basic interpreter to ftp server.

19-APR-2014 :
Improved BSD compatibility, the front panel machines also are working now under PCBSD 10, a BSD UNIX based on FreeBSD 10. I'm running it under Oracle Virtualbox and the IMSAI 3D model is slow, because they have no working accelerated OpenGL driver in VirtualBox guest additions. The 2D models are working the same as everywhere else. Probably the 3D model works better on real hardware with nVidia GPU. Also uploaded screenshot for this.

Uploaded new CP/M 1.4 disk images for cpmsim as well as altairsim with a replaced DDT 1.4 version, that disassembles LXI, INX and STAX instructions correct.

14-APR-2014 :
Uploaded disk images with Word-Master and Vedit customized for ANSI terminal to the ftp server. Also PDF manuals for Word-Master uploaded.

13-APR-2014 :
Egan Ford's greenbar teletype emulation uploaded to the ftp server.

11-APR-2014 :
I have been very busy with terminal I/O devices, see screenshots.

30-MAR-2014 :
Released version 1.21 source archive and binary distribution for Windows.

27-MAR-2014 :
Used the merged frontpanel sources from Stefanos Windows port to build and test the front panel machines on UNIX systems. Looks good so far, next release will include the modified sources, so that anyone could build the Windows versions of the emulations.

26-MAR-2014 :
Modified build script for xsub in CP/M 2.0 sources, xsub works now. The version 1.4 ddt from this sources still doesn't work. Uploaded the new CP/M 2.0 source disks to the ftp server.

24-MAR-2014 :
Over the weekend I spend some time to figure out the disk select issue for drives c: and d: with the IMSAI FIF disk controller. Without any manual and/or IMDOS BIOS source for the disk devices, I have to do everything by reverse engineering with debugging stuff on the emulator side, as well as the IMDOS side. It's fully working now, with the next release you'll get the machine with 4 working 8" disk drives, same as the Altair.
Then with 3 emulated machines that run various old OS's I needed some way to have disks with common working stuff, so that not all the CP/M software needs to be included on disks again and again. This is problematic for CP/M 1.3 anyway, because it can support only two 8" drives. Now there is a common disk directory for disk images, that will be mounted by all machines.
For both front panel machines I uploaded an old article from Gary Kildall about using PL/M on the early computer systems to the ftp server. This article shows an interesting PL/M program for system programming with interrupts. I made the program working on the Altair and IMSAI. For this I had to implement IM 0 interrupts for the Z80, because the old software only kows about the 8080 interrupt functionality. Then I added 10ms timer interrupts to both machines via the hardware controll register. Now this machines can run interrupt based software too, same as cpmsim can, and this is tested with Kildalls program. You need to wait for release 1.21 to try it out your self, but you can look at the article and PL/M program already.

19-MAR-2014 :
Released the native Windows binary package for running both front panel machines under Windows XP and later.

18-MAR-2014 :
Uploaded nice looking alternative skins for the IMSAI front panel.

16-MAR-2014 :
Release 1.20 of z80pack is available. Most work went into implementing a Tarbell SD disk controller and connecting it to the Altair 8800 emulation. The machine now can run CP/M 1.3, 1.4 and 2.2. All BIOS and boot code is the original source, that was written for the Tarbell FDC. Very interesting to see, how the Tarbell BIOS matured together with the CP/M releases. Well worth reading, all BIOS and boot code source is included.
The Microsoft Fortran-80 compiler included on the IMSAI IMDOS disk images doesn't work. I suspected a 8080/Z80 issue and to verify this, I build a disk image with F80 release 3.44. This one is known to work with the Z80, I think I used this release too way back then with my Z80 machines. Then I tested it with the machines under CP/M 1.4, IMDOS, CP/M 2.2, works ok. The disk image is available in the download section.