GSX-80 1
Drawing with GSX-80 on the xterm Tektronix 4014 terminal emulation. This screenshot shows one of the test drawings from DRI's demograf CBASIC program.

GSX-80 2
Another CBASIC example program from an ancient german computer magazine.

GSX-80 3
In newsgroup comp.os.cpm was asked, if this will work too with cpmsim build under Windows with Cygwin. Works the same as on any UNIX system.

GSX-80 4
GSX-80 also can be attached to any BASIC interpreter and so extend it with graphics.

GSX-80 5
Everyone who had an Apple ][ with Z80 Softcard running CP/M knows the graphics demos like this for the Microsoft gbasic interpreter. Same can be done on any CP/M system with Microsoft mbasic and GSX-80.

GSX-80 6
DR Graph from DRI was one of the major GSX-80 applications. The program was used to create business and technical charts, that even for nowadays standards are not that bad.

GSX-80 7
The same graph, but plotted with the HP 7470 GSX driver into a HP GL/2 file and then converted with hp2xx. The Tektronix terminals are monochrome, but HP Plotters have color pens and a HP plot file easily can be converted to modern graphics formats.

GSX-80 8
DR Draw from DRI was the other major GSX-80 application.